Why choose ZIC

100% Synthetic Engine oil
Blended with the world best quality base oil, SK ZIC


The biggiest benefit of SK ZIC is that it uses the world best Group III base oil, Yubase
Yubase is SK Lubricants’s own brand which takes about 40% market share in global premium Group III market.


1. Independent technology


ZERO Tech, a specific technology from SK ZIC, applies Ionic Liquid to engine oil. ZERO Tech provides outstanding engine protection and performance by minimizing friction in engines from forming an ion oil membrane on the metal surface of the engine.

Double Shield Technology

Double Shield Technology, a specific technology from SK ZIC, applies Organo Tungstate molecules to engine oil. Double Shield Technology provides 27% improved engine protection performance over conventional products by providing double engine protection; that is, once with high quality base oil, Yubase oil film, and again with Organo Tungstate.


2. Outstanding engine protection

SK ZIC, through the application of the Group III base oil Yubase, exhaustively protects the engine by forming a powerful oil membrane within the engine cylinder even at high temperatures, as well as by providing outstanding fluidity at low temperatures due to its ability to maintain viscosity.


3. Outstanding cleanliness

SK ZIC, through the application of the optimal additive mixing equation, assists with the maintenance of engines by providing excellent cleanliness due to its outstanding ability to stop sludge and sediment from building up in the engine.


4. Extended replacement interval

SK ZIC, through the application of Yubase, achieves outstanding oxidation stability and a high-viscosity coefficient to ensure that oil performance is not easily degraded, even after a prolonged period of use.


5. Outstanding improvement of fuel efficiency

SK ZIC’s low-viscosity engine oil (0W) minimizes oil consumption by maximizing cylinder movement in the engine by lowering oil viscosity. If the viscosity falls, engine protection performance degrades. However, SK ZIC provides 2 functions of improvement in fuel efficiency and engine protection by maximizing engine protection.


6. Outstanding durability

Generally, engine oil easily oxidizes at high temperatures and the formation of an oil membrane becomes difficult to achieve due to the drop in viscosity. SK ZIC engine oil effectively reduces engine wear by displaying excellent oil durability, even at high temperatures.


7. Unparalleled low-temperature performance

Generally, when starting an engine at low temperatures, a substantial amount of time is taken to circulate the engine oil, thereby degrading engine protection performance. However, SK ZIC perfectly protects the engine by easily circulating through the entire engine, even in extreme cold.