Choose the right engine oil for motorbikes

10:27, 03/08/2020

Have you ever thought about using engine oil of scooters to motobikes for better effect? ZIC knows that everyone wants their motorcycles to run quieter and the engine to be more protected. However, it is no coincidence that ZIC products are classified for each different model. With ZIC, choose the right engine oil for motorbikes!

Did you know that engine oil for motorbikes is different from scooter's?

Due to the different design of scooter and motobike engines, the engine oil used for each type is also different. Specifically:

  • In a motobikes, movement is created and transmitted to the wheel by the smooth coordination of three main parts including the engine, the clutch and the gearbox. In it, motivation plays a role in creating movement. The clutch helps to transmit and disconnect the movement from the engine to the transmission. The gearbox transmits the movement and changes the speed to the wheel thanks to the gear pairs with different gear ratios. Gearbox and clutch are arranged in the same compartment as the engine, so the lubricant used in this case must both ensure effective lubrication to protect the details in the compartment while ensuring friction so as not to slip. well suited.
  • In scooters, movement is generated from the engine but transmitted to the wheel through a gearbox (CVT). The CVT gearbox is a belt system that moves between two sheaves with each pulley made up of two separate metal halves. Vehicle speed changes thanks to the harmonized distance between the two halves of that cone. This gearbox is located outside the engine compartment, so the scooter oil is mainly for protection, lubrication and does not require the high friction properties of a gear car.



So what happens when the wrong oil is used?

  • The oil used for the scooter will slow down the engine, heat up, use more fuel and the vehicle will not be able to maximize its performance.
  • Scooter oil used in gears will cause clutch slippage, decrease vehicle performance and, moreover, can interfere with gearshifting, loss of control while controlling.

Choosing the right motor oil helps the car to promote the best use efficiency, safety, save gas, reduce the number of repairs and prolong the service life.

Currently, 3 standards that customers need to grasp to choose the right lubricant for motorcycles are SAE, JASO and API.

JASO T903 standards: divide 4T motorcycle engine oil into 2 groups:

  • Lubricants that meet JASO MA, MA1, MA2 standards, apply to gear vehicles.
  • Lubricants that meet JASO MB standards apply to scooters.

API standard: dividing 4T motorcycle lubricant into grades: SA, SB, SC, ... SH, SJ, SL, SM, SN, SN +. With the quality level, the latter will improve and satisfy the previous quality level. And SN + is an extended standard of the SN grade, supplementing the criteria to reduce the status of anti-cyclical explosion of gasoline engines.

SAE viscosity grade: SAE viscosity grade does not state the product quality but plays an important role in determining the thinness of the lubricating oil layer between surfaces. SAE viscosity grade has the form SAE xxWyy. Inside:

  • xx relates to the oil's ability to use cold temperatures, the smaller the xx is, the easier it is to use at low temperatures. For example: 0W oil with a freezing point lower than 10W is suitable even in cold, frozen countries.
  • yy relative to viscosity at 1000C, yy the thicker the lubricating viscosity. With a temperate climate like Vietnam, yy values ​​are commonly used 30, 40, 50.

Since the viscosity will vary with temperature, the SAE value is chosen depending on the climatic zone of use and the manufacturer's requirements.

Therefore, to choose the right lubricant for motorbikes, customers need to buy products that meet all 3 criteria: SAE, JASO, and API. Each car company will have its own requirements for each criterion, refer to the vehicle's manual or from official documents to have the most accurate information.

ZIC lubricants products with clear information and are manufactured for different models. Therefore, choosing ZIC will help your car run quieter as well as the engine is more protected.

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