SK ZIC promotes investment in Vietnam

17:03, 23/06/2020

On 7/2/2020, Mekong Petrochemical Joint Stock Company and SK Lubricants Company of Korea officially signed a merger agreement, marking a new step in business cooperation between the two sides, promoting investment of SK ZIC in Vietnam..

Known as one of the leading companies in the industry, Mekong Petrochemical JSC specializes in providing a wide range of petrochemical products and services with a wide distribution network throughout Vietnam.

Starting business in 1963, SK Lubricants is now one of the leading oil and base oil manufacturing companies in the world, under SK Group - Korea's third largest corporation. By this merger, the two sides aim to enter a competitive position for the ability to deliver quality lubricants products to the market, especially SK Lubricants' key product, commercial synthetic lubricants. brand SK ZIC.

The signing ceremony of cooperation between Mekong Petrochem and SK Lubricants.

Products manufactured by SK Lubricants in Korea and distributed in Vietnam by Mekong Petrochem create a new and reliable choice with guaranteed quality, serving the maximum needs of consumers. Customers can completely choose for themselves high-end products that are applied in many different fields such as: engine oil, transmission oil, lubricant, industrial lubricants ... thereby promoting SK ZIC. in the Vietnamese market.

SK ZIC is known as a synthetic engine oil formulated from high quality YUBASE Group III base oil and applied proprietary VHVI technology for excellent base oils with high viscosity index. SK ZIC is Korea's No. 1 lubricant brand for more than 20 years, voted “Best engine oil in Russia” for two consecutive years, having a distribution network covering more than 60 countries. in 5 continents. Officially starting cooperation with Mekong Petrochem in 2018, after just over a year, SK ZIC has diversified its distribution system, from developing traditional points of sale to e-commerce sites such as Tiki, Lazada, Shopee. , ... to become a trusted brand in the future.

Speaking on the merger agreement between Mekong Petrochem and SK Lubricants, Mr. Le Hoang, Chairman of Mekong Petrochemical JSC, said: “We are fully confident that this agreement will mark a period of growth. strong on both sides. Thanks to the combination of experience, competence, qualifications and extensive distribution network of Mekong Petrochem with modern technology and the world's best synthetic engine oils from Group III base oils of SK ZIC, we will give Vietnamese consumers more optimal options, in accordance with the current needs and the development of society in the future. ”

Thực Nguyễn