5 common mistakes when changing engine oil of motocycles

09:53, 03/08/2020

In order for the engine to always run well and run smoothly, riders need to change oil regularly. Therefore, understanding the correct oil change will help you avoid undue damage and damage. Here, let's join ZIC to learn about 5 common mistakes when changing oil for motorbikes.

  • Do not check oil before changing

Before changing the oil to your motorcycle, let the engine stop for 30 to 60 minutes, open the probe with pliers. If the stick is not wet, underneath the ink has an X mark, meaning the oil is gone. You put a drop of oil on the machine and observe, if the oil is still light yellow, gradually dilute it to be used. On the contrary, the viscous color is dark gray, quickly diluted, and must be replaced immediately.

With motorbikes, ZIC tells you that the appropriate oil change time is after the car has run 2,000 km for a new motorcycle and from 1,000 km to 1,500 km for a conventional motorbike.

  • Do not remove all the old oil

Old oil contains a lot of impurities, metal filings which will damage the engine, so it needs to be removed cleanly while keeping your new oil clean and the oil change time is also extended. Next, tilt the motobikes to let the remaining oil in the parts completely flow out, followed by using a steam hose to spray into the engine engine to let the oil splash out clean.

  • Pour too little or too much of standard capacity

Motorcycle lubricants are available in a range of popular capacities from 0.7 liters to 1.2 liters to suit the specific requirements of a wide variety of engines. So ZIC recommends that you read the motorcycle manual carefully to know exactly how much to change!


Damaged motorbikes with 5 mistakes when changing oil

  • Use fake engine oil, poor quality engine oil

You need to choose the right lubricant for your motobikes and go to a authorized lubricant dealer to buy. Should not buy in small retail stores, it is easy to buy poor quality goods.

In addition, you can buy our product quickly and conveniently on Lazada.

  • Avoid using fake engione oil, poor quality engine oil

If you accidentally use a fake oil bottle, you both lose money injustice and indirectly damage the engine of your motocycles.

New oil bottles must be sealed in two layers: The plastic cap and the seal film cover the top of the bottle, you should pay attention to this issue and check the seal carefully before asking the staff to pour oil into.

SK ZIC engine oil are exclusively distributed from SK Lubricants, complete and clear product information and instructions for use. Therefore, you can completely rest assured when changing the oil with ZIC whether at the store or change the oil at home.


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